Project Pokemon, Not Too Much, Mostly Faces.

Projecting into a GAN is searching for the representation of an image in that model. If you look hard enough you can find close matches for almost any image, even ones that don’t bear much resemblance to the model, but my favorite results are when you search just a little bit. This feels a lot more like asking the model, “What would Bill Hader look like as a cat?”

Or Asking, “What would the Live Action Film Adaptation of This Looked Like?”

Does it even have to be a face?



Grinch Casting Call

Terrible Spiderman Projects (That Feel So Right)

Alignment Is Important

If the images are faces but the eyes and mouths aren’t in the places the model expects:

Assorted Extras

Try it yourself:

StyleGAN2 comes with a projector now and you might also want to explore

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