Ensntalice! What Would a ‘True Steake’ Spell Do? Prompted D&D Spells

When I was working on the first post about D&D spells from a neural network I generally let the network run wild and create the spells from nothing, which also created the spell names. But I did try ‘prompting’ the network with the spell names from @JanelleCShane’s neural network D&D spell names post and asking it to fill in the rest of the spell information.

I made a ton but they were a bit harder to skim through since you can’t rely on a catchy spell name to jump out. I was going to make better sifting tools but figured I’ll post what I’ve got for now. Thanks to my friend Sam for picking out some good ones. Be warned a lot these samples were from a terrible model and it went way off the rails and just generated absolute nonsense — but it also gave us such delights as a spell that is just “No,No,No,No” over and over.

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Dungeons and Dragons Spells from a Neural Network Are Bonescrackling

In my last post I trained GPT-2 to write Star Trek scripts. Lately I’ve been experimenting with Dungeons and Dragons spells with some amazing results.

I like tabletop roleplaying material for generation because tabletop rules often require a good faith effort at human interpretation anyway. That same effort can make some sense of the silliest of machine generated rules.

I picked out a bunch of of my favorites and there are a lot more spells at the bottom of this blog post for anyone who wants to hunt for some more good stuff. Also I’ll be posting more on my twitter.

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