You Don’t Need to Force a Bot to Watch Star Trek to Write Its Own Episodes

In my last post I trained OpenAI’s neural network on the Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine scripts and had it write some its own.

I used a version that GPT-2 that lets you feed it additional training material. This is why the output looks like a TV script. But even without fine-tuning GPT-2 knows a whole lot about Star Trek because GPT-2 was trained on a huge sample of the internet, and internet knows a lot about Star Trek. So what happens if you ask regular GPT-2 to predict the next word in the sequence This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation opens with a scene where?

This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation opens with a scene where The Enterprise's fuel cells are destroyed, and the crew and crew of the Enterprise are not rescued. As they are being evacuated, Picard uses the transporter device to activate the emergency access and communication system, and a rescue crew arrives to rescue the crew. 

The transporter device is activated, and the crew is saved. Later on, in a flashback scene, Picard describes how the Enterprise was going to be destroyed: "We had to determine what we could do with the fuel and the crew and the power that we had."

The Enterprise is finally able to reach the planet, and the crew and crew escape. While the power is still available through the emergency access, the power is being used to launch an attack on the Klingon capital.

Pretty straightforward other than weird turn on the end. Here’s a bunch of them:

This episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine opens with a scene where Kira Nerys is sitting at the table with a few of the crew members. 
“That’s a nice, nice place. That’s pretty cool.”

This episode continues with an episode where Kira is eating a sandwich and a sandwich with a man who’s the head of the Starfleet Academy, and the man says, “You’re not going to get anything, are you?” 

“I just think they’re all playing it off the same old, same old rules.” 

The episode ends with a scene where the audience members are shown in an alley with a man named Bajoran who is the head of the academy. 

“I don’t know what to say. I’m not going to do this, but I don’t want to get hurt.” 

The episode ends with a scene where Kira is sitting at the table with a couple of crew members. 

“Maybe they’re not getting the message.”

Vague but sort of plausible Starfleet Academy intrigue? Repeated phrases like “a sandwich and a sandwich” seem to be quirk of GPT-2 even in the full unreleased model as you can also see it in their official samples.

This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation opens with a scene where a group of survivors of the Borg fleet destroy the planet, as the Borg are attacked by a group of sentient robots known as Borg-bots. The Borg are taken away by the Borg-bots, who then turn on them, and they use their power to break through the Borg-bots' defenses, destroying many of them.

In an alternate continuity, the Doctor and Clara return from the ship and the Borg-bots attack the Doctor. Clara, as a child, is sent to see a Borg-bot, the Doctor uses a new, holographic camera to take a picture of a Borg-bot. The image captures a close-up of the creature and she then uses her eyes to focus on it. The picture has a different color than the original. The image now comes to life and the creature is now a Borg-bot.

The Doctor and Clara visit the Intrepid once more in their quarters to collect an old, broken computer. The Doctor and Clara move to the Intrepid, where the Intrepid are looking for a weapon and use it to stop the Borg from destroying their ship in the course of their mission.

A Doctor Who crossover episode?

This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation opens with a scene where a young Captain Kirk is suddenly in the midst of an encounter with the alien race, which has been described as an “extinction threat,” and is described as “a race whose only mission is to destroy anything that may threaten the human race.” The entire scene is then interrupted by a scene in which a young Captain Kirk is standing on a bridge, surrounded by a large number of people, and being asked why he is standing on a bridge. The scene then proceeds to have Kirk say, “I am the captain of this vessel. I am what I am.” 

The scene then ends, with Kirk saying “I am a starship captain.” The scene then then proceeds to show Kirk and Picard meeting. This is a much more complex and detailed version of the scene with the young man being told, “You’re an astronaut, aren’t you?” and “I’m a Starfleet officer.” 

The scene then concludes with Picard getting to know all of the people on board and seeing the crewmembers present with a few of them.
This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation opens with a scene where Kirk is interrupted by a strange looking man, who appears to be a woman. The man looks very much like Kirk, and Kirk’s reaction is to try to explain to him that he has a son. Kirk then begins to explain that he is a member of a Klingon Empire, and that he must be very careful about the Empire’s people. 

The man is a Klingon, and he is making his way to Kirk’s quarters, where he is confronted by an angry Klingon. Kirk says, “It’s not Klingon, it’s man, man.” The Klingon man replies, “No!” 

Kirk says that he is the one who was born with a Klingon son and is in charge of the Empire. The Klingon man then yells at him, “You’re the only one who can do that!” Kirk says that he can do it, but that he is not sure how he can do it. 

Meanwhile, Kirk is listening to a radio message from the Klingon Empire. “Dear Admiral,” the station says, “you are the only one who can do that. You must obey this order, and that’s all you’ve got.” The Klingon man then says, “How do you like this?” Kirk says, “I don’t understand.” Spock replies, “I can’t understand you. You’re an idiot. You’re an idiot.”

Kirk and Spock show up all the time no matter who else is in the scene. I guess they still have a huge presence in Star Trek content on the internet.

This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation opens with a scene where the Enterprise crew is being attacked by a Borg-like force. What is this Borg force and why are they attacking the crew? 

We start out with a scene where one of the crewmembers is shown an image of the Borg, but he doesn’t know who the Borg are. He is shown a photograph of the Borg and the image of the Enterprise. 

It seems that this image has to do with the Borg. We also get a scene where the Enterprise is destroyed by a Borg vessel, which is what we call the “battlecry” on the Borg. It is basically a scene of the Borg being destroyed and then taking over the human race. This is a scene where the Enterprise is attacked by a Borg ship. 

We have a scene in which the Enterprise is being attacked by a Borg ship. It isn’t the battlecry of the Borg, it’s a “battlecry” for a different type of Borg. This means that it’s not an attack, it’s a warning. We have the Borg attacking the Enterprise, this is the battlecry, it’s a warning because if the Borg attack again, that’s when we get the Borg being destroyed in the battlecry. 

This episode is pretty much the same in terms of what we have seen before. The Borg are using the opportunity to create a world that they have no control over. In that sense, they think that the Borg will destroy them, but they’re not really going to be able to control them. That’s where this episode comes in. This is about a Borg ship taking over the Enterprise. 

We then go on to the episode where the Enterprise is attacked by a Borg ship. This is where we go to the Borg ship’s location. We get a scene where the ship is attacked by a Borg vessel. The Borg are trying to take control of the Enterprise and it’s all over. 

There are more of these scenes in this episode. The Borg are able to control the Enterprise. So the Borg are able to take over the Enterprise. 

And then we have a scene where we see the Enterprise’s ship is attacked by a Borg ship. This is when we get to our favorite moment of the episode: This is a scene where the Enterprise is attacked by a Borg ship. And then the Borg ship is destroyed. 

So, we have this whole story in this episode where we’re talking about the Borg and the “battlecry,” the “battlecry,” and the Borg ship.

One of the longest and most plausible summaries, could be a Voyager episode.

This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation opens with a scene where Tuvok meets one of the crew of the USS Enterprise-E, a ship that was recently attacked by the Borg. Tuvok is upset that the Borg are invading the Enterprise and finds herself in the middle of a battle with the Federation. What she finds in the debris is not the Borg, but an alien called the Vulcans. 

Tuvok’s consciousness appears to be in a virtual reality field, and her body is in a virtual reality simulation. This is not the first time that Tuvok has experienced an alien presence. In the first episode of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Tuvok and her friend, Commander Richard Hatch, are visiting a holographic environment created by a planet called Korte. The planet is a holographic projection that was formed from the memories of the Enterprise’s crew. This hologram is a computer simulation of Tuvok’s brain, where she is able to perceive the events that took place in real time. Tuvok has no memory of the events of the movie, but she does remember that the Enterprise crew was attacked by a Borg menace. She recalls feeling afraid for the Enterprise crew. She also remembers that she and other Voyager crew members were killed by the Borg in the battle against the Borg. 

Tuvok’s memories of the first Enterprise attack are completely erased. Her memory of her first encounter with the Borg is almost completely erased. In the first part of the episode, Tuvok’s memories are still intact, but the Borg are attacking them. Tuvok remembers feeling scared and confused and is angry. She is upset that the Borg are attacking her. In the second shot of Deep Space Nine, Tuvok’s consciousness is in a virtual reality field, and her body is in a virtual reality simulation

This one is a real mind-bender.

This episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine opens with a scene where Kira is confronted by Borg and asks if he can tell her what happened to her. He replies by saying that he’s already done the job. Kira later tells her he’s done it because he was the one who told her everything. She then tells him to let him go, and he does, but after a moment he goes for it. 

Kira then asks what’s up. The Borg offer a new ship for her to explore, and he tells her that he’s going to have to go back, but he’s not going to be able to leave the ship by himself. She then asks him what he wants her to do. He replies that she’s a “human being” and that he can’t do anything to her. He then asks her if she’s okay with that, and she says that she’s not. He then asks her if she’s okay with the idea of him killing her, and she says that she’s not. She then asks him if he wants to die, and he says he’s not going to kill her. She then asks him to kill everyone, and he says yes.

The entire next page was just numerous variations on them asking each other if they want to die and/or kill everyone.

This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation opens with a scene where Worf is sitting in a chair and asks the Enterprise to look at his chest. He responds that Worf’s chest is much bigger than the one he was on when he was in the first few seasons of the show. He then explains that he was trying to find out what he was doing wrong that day, and the Enterprise asked him if he had ever been in trouble with the law. 

The next day, Worf’s wife, Sophie, arrives on the Enterprise, and they are met by the captain. Worf states that he was going to get his wife back, but the captain is interrupted by a question from Worf who says that he’s got the whole ship. His wife says that he is not sure what happened to him, and he says it’s because he was not in trouble. 

The Enterprise arrives in space. The Enterprise, the captain’s ship, and the chief medical officer are waiting for them. Picard informs the crew that they are looking for the missing Captain’s wife. However, Picard calls the Chief Medical Officer to the bridge. He tells the crew that he has no idea when and how he got the ship, and the captain says that he was there with Picard and the doctors when the Doctor lost his life. The crew members believe that it was in the last moments before the Doctor’s death, and Picard says that he was at the hospital. Picard then tells the crew that he had been in the field for nearly two weeks, and he says that he has seen some amazing things in space. 

Picard then tells the crew that they need to go back to the ship. Picard says that he can’t do that, that he has to do something. Picard then answers, “I don’t get it.” Picard then asks where he is from, and he says that he is from the planet of Oa'Hara. He then says that I was born and I am from the planet of Oa'Hara, and he says that he can’t leave Oa'Hara.
This episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation opens with a scene where one of the crewmembers, Kirk, is shown to be in danger of dying. When the Enterprise is about to face a massive explosion, it is revealed that the Klingon captain who lost his life was not aboard the Enterprise. The scene then cuts to a large tree, where Kirk is shown to have just been killed by the explosion. As the scene is shown, the Enterprise crew is left to wonder why the Enterprise is still in space. The Captain then tells the crew that he has no idea what happened, and then he walks away from the scene. This is the first time the Enterprise has been seen in space. 

After the Enterprise is discovered, the Enterprise is destroyed by a mysterious object, and the Enterprise is presumed dead. The scene then cuts to a large hole where the Enterprise is standing. The Enterprise is then seen in a small room, then it is shot down by the transporter. The scene continues with the Enterprise in a small room, then when the Enterprise is shot down, it is revealed that the Enterprise crew is dead. The scene then cuts to a large tree and the Enterprise is left to wonder why the Enterprise is still in space. 

Worf makes a “doubling of” his Klingon powers and Worf is forced to defend himself. He is then interrupted by another person who is clearly not Worf. The Klingon appears to try and get Worf to stop trying to kill him, but he then reveals that he was actually just trying to get him to stop killing people. Worf then attacks the Klingon, but the Klingon is saved by Worf, who points out that they are not “fighting” each other, and that the other people are fighting for their lives.

It’s not just Star Trek that GPT-2 already knows. The unmodified GPT-2 is good with anything and especially impressive very popular topics like Harry Potter. I bet it’s seen a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction. Here’s a random sample I generated while writing this up — not the best of numerous samples like the Star Trek prompts required, just the best of three.

Harry Potter stood there in silence, brooding.

"I thought if you didn't return they were going to kill me in the next meeting," he said dryly. "They'll take your DNA."

Hermione shrugged. "They won't. I'm like any other girl who is lucky enough to make it through school with a bunch of friends. I can't be the same school twice!"

"Which leads me to my next target, the guy who threatened you." She saw Neville's eyes widen at her words.

"Who is he? Do you know what he does?" Hermione could feel the same chill running through her gut. "He has the perfect name."

"Harry Potter," Neville murmured in her office.

"He lives with you." He put his hand gently on his face as he looked at Harry.

"With a name like that, would he look at your family as friends? No," he added. "Not now, but when you do?"

Hermione looked at him. It was a few steps ahead of her. "Not with people like you...not today," she said, turning back to her sister and staring intently at him. "I didn't know you were at any particular place or time. I don't want to get into this discussion without some info. This is what you know. We're friends."

"Why are you doing this?" Neville took a hand in her forehead.

"Well, I know you aren't good friends with me," Hermione continued, motioning to the doorway from her office. "What I am certain of is that while I did think of this project quite a few times before I left today, I don't remember your last name being that of you. You both seem to have a pretty good understanding of this project."

"I don't have to explain your mistake just so everyone has a better idea of where to go when you want to," Neville said absently. "I know you both know all about his work. As both of you know, he's more involved in politics than he is with the Ministry of Magic."

I like how it has kind of noir mood, maybe from ‘brooding’ in the prompt. Output like this is very easy to see for yourself because of a tool created by Google called Colab. Try it yourself!

UPDATE: Now it’s super easy to try yourself at

The old manual way, if talktotransformer is down, will still work:

  1. Go
  2. Click on the play button in the light grey box that starts with [1] and wait about 30 seconds.
  3. Scroll down until you see a box that says !python3 src/ –nsamples=2 –top_k=40 –temperature=.80 and with the same play button. Wait again.
  4. Eventually you’ll see the words Model prompt >>> pop up with a text box to type in. Type your prompt and hit return.

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