Scenes That Never Happened In The The Web Serial WORM

Worm is a web serial written by Wildbow. You can read it on If you have not read Worm turn away now because even silly neural network bits will spoiler you.

If you insist on reading anyway for the love of God at least only look at the first half the blog post. The second half contains paragraphs of text from Worm itself – a greatest hits of spoilers.

These are scenes generated by the GPT-2 neural network. The first section has unconditional scenes – where the network is just told ‘write something’; the second section has prompted scenes – where the network is given an existing Worm scene and asked to complete it.

Worm Scenes

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Alternate Takes on Actual Worm Scenes

I searched the worm reddit for people’s favorite scenes, and then added a bunch of my personal favorite into the mix.

Actual Worm Scene in Yellow Text.

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BTW if case anyone is reading post after having read Worm years ago, there is a amazing sequel to Worm called Ward now.

Samples Created During Training:

Link to Sample Text File Directory
I wanted to show progression of the network as it learned, but GPT-2 fine-tuned so quickly you can’t even really see it. This makes me think I may have overtrained with the main examples used in this post because a lot of the samples here even with barely any training are some of favorites!

It was an ugly day, in a way.

This wasn’t walking, either. Every step was a chore, and it wasn’t just a bad day for the stairs.

My dad had asked me some questions and I’d answered, and there were traces of my dad’s face in all of the answers. He just smiled. His smile was ugly. It might have been the worst day of my life, but it was one of those days that I got to deal with things that were even worse than all of the bad days together.

Other Links:

  • The author Wildow’s Patreon
  • Easiest way to try doing stuff like this yourself.
  • is a web site where you can directly try out the the GPT-2 Neural Network with your own prompts (not the one that is fine-tuned on Worm, but the general one knows some Worm characters, see below).

So even without the fine-tuning I did, the GPT-2 network knows some things about Worm. Here are some examples from talktotransformer (You do need to give a lot of hints…)

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