I Forced A Bot To Watch Over 1,000 Hours Star Trek Episodes And Then Asked It To Write 1000 Olive Garden Commercials.

I wish I could tell you I had a good reason why.

Anyway let’s use the GPT-2 345M model to recreate the viral (but not real) “I Forced a Bot” tweets that I named this site after… but with a trained model based on Star Trek.

I was going to do many different training materials and cover more of the original viral tweets, but the Star Trek Olive Garden Commercial samples are just killing me by themselves. I honestly think I could do nothing with GPT-2 but generate Olive Garden commercials from different models and never get bored. It deserves it’s own post!

You are seeing a random sample. Click SHOW ANOTHER SAMPLE to see more. (You can also copy and paste your browser address to share a link.)

Yellow Text is the prompt.

If you want to screenshot, on Windows, the built-in snipping tool makes it easy! Start->snip.

Context for this post.

See What Is This Site or tldr: a bunch of tweets went viral purporting to be written by bots, of which the Olive Garden one below was the most famous:


I experimented with some other prompts from the tweets too, so you might fine a few in there.

Update 1:

Link to some complete Star Trek scripts (where I keep generating until it literally says THE END on a line).

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